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SCP: Chamberz.

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Chamberz's history


Literally, I named the project "DBoiAndSCP096" and it was supposed to be multiplayer game, where you and other d-boiz test SCPs. First level was supposed to be D-Class rooms and tunnel to the SCP-096's chamber. And then D-classes would go there, look at SCP-096's face and run away from it. Now, imagine it somebody triggered SCP-096 and screaming "RUN" in voice chat.

Very first gameplay video


I didn't want to make the game so complicated, creating weapons, roles, adding SCPs and everything. Cuz I didn't know much about Networking and how it works. I saw people interest and it motivated me to work on it. So, here we are.

Me having fun on Russian server in SCP: Chamberz

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